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Apprentice (Rails Engineer)

This job was posted on Oct 08
The Cubicle Rebels
Working from remote

We are the rebels. We believe in building up amazing people that would in turn build amazing products. We are primarily a hybrid software/hardware solutions architect firm, aimed at understanding and solving business problems through the use of design and technology.


We’re looking for young upstarts looking to get into technology and we want to groom and build young talents up from scratch. As craftsmen, we believe in the importance of apprenticeship and we want to pass and share our technical knowledge to the next generation of builders.

You will be following the team as we develop applications from ground up.

We are looking for smart and talented partners who want to pick up Rails and make a living doing webdevelopment work.


No prior knowledge of programming needed, but you should know a thing or two about Rails. You should also be able to commit at least 3 months with us. That and you have lots of passion.

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