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Backend Engineer

This job was posted on Dec 08
Sephora Digital
Working from remote

Behind every successful company is a rock solid ERP system. Likewise, behind every rock solid ERP system is a team of rock solid engineers.

If you are a superstar with excellent technical skills who is passionate about understanding business needs and solving problems through elegant technical solutions, and you can cope with the pressure of knowing that every decision and solution that you put out plays a pivotal role in impacting the trajectory of our business and the customer satisfaction of all our customers, this is the role for you.

As a talented Backend Engineer, you are absolutely passionate about designing, building and maintaining backend systems that drive the effectiveness of our supply chain operations. You are collaborative, you enjoy coaching and mentoring others, and you are committed to producing excellent work while delivering to your customers.

You will be constantly challenged to

  • Showcase your engineering skills by designing maintainable and scalable systems that solves business problems.
  • Take extreme pride in your code craft
  • Handle ambiguity in project proposals, coming up with solutions that internalizes inefficiencies and issues effectively
  • Design metrics and data channels that facilitate prioritization in feature pipelines
  • Value add to a team which practices automated testing, peer reviews, quality assurance and continuous integration
  • Never settle. You will want to constantly optimize existing workflows and systems.
  • Take risks and be creative
  • Advise various functions on how to win together with systems constructed.

What would help:

  • Strong communication skills with an ability to communicate technical information, both written and oral, to technical and non-technical reviewers.
  • Strong skillsets with web technologies. Familiarity across the related tech stack (Ruby on Rails,HTML, CSS, SQL, Redis, RabbitMQ) is a plus.
  • A passion for Ecommerce.
  • Some understanding or experience with products, sales orders and warehouse management.

If you are seeking for a high energy, flexible and passionate working environment, you’ll feel right at home with us.

Apply now! We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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