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Backend-Full-Stack Engineer

This job was posted on Oct 23
Working from remote

Talenoxis a Cloud HCM Solution aimed at driving change in enterprises through intelligent functions and ergonomic design. Since our mission is to enable organisations to grow their talents better, you can bet your last dollar we lead by example.

We're calling for top talents to expand our kickass team. Aptitude trumps experience - we're not hiring you for what you can do today, but for what you will achieve in time to come.


You Should Know…

We are a lean, flexible team, so when you come aboard, you will play an integral part in engineering. You will be jumping between architecture, implementation and infrastructure management to keep Talenox running. Our backend runs primarily on Ruby on Rails. You should not just know Rails, you should Really Know Rails.

Does the following describe You?

  • You like pairing with product designers to implement scalable and highly reliable systems.
  • You want to drive development of internal and external APIs, with no room for sloppiness.
  • You understand the importance of scaling existing backend systems to handle ever increasing amounts of traffic and new product requirements
  • You move fast without breaking things, like a ninja.
  • You constantly seek to make our development practices better and reduce friction from idea to deployment.
  • You should be able to talk about the cons, not just the pros of service oriented architectures.
  • You write code for humans to read and to convince computers to do your bidding.
  • You obsess about making sense of large sets of messy or incomplete data.
  • You have JS/HTML/CSS experience. You could full stack it with style if you had to (it's ok if this doesn't describe you though you secretly wish it does).


Benefits with Loads of Fun.

  • You perform your best among crazy, fun-loving teammates who eat tough problems for breakfast and complain when work seems too easy. We move really fast to ship the most awesome solutions.
  • Competitive salary, stock options, free Apple Macbook and lots of freedom to do what matters.

Please show off your amazing portfolio if you have one. We promise to view it wholeheartedly. Link us to your awesomeness (GitHub, Bitbucket, Stackoverflow, you name it!). We appreciate every single application that reaches us but we may only be able to reply shortlisted candidates.