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Lead Product Designer

This job was posted on Sep 12
Working from remote

Roomorama is looking to make the best experience traveling outside of the traditional hotel stay and we're looking for a full-time independent Lead Product Designer to join our multi-national team in Singapore.

Who you are

You are passionate about creating user experiences that are beautifully intuitive and motivating. You think about the big picture, the brand, and most importantly, the user from concept to execution. You are a person who demonstrates a good balance of understanding for business and technical implementation, then translate them to usable feature for our users. You are independent yet open to collaboration with our business people, marketers and engineers to overcome challenges with practical solutions. You can take an idea from concept to prototype or high-fidelity design to actual front end implementation. You are comfortable working with some level of code, whether it's for a prototype or production ready. Travel is in our blood, so you should be someone who is passionate about working with travellers too.

What you'll do

Work closely with our CTO and Stakeholders on the overall product experience, which will include some research, design, and writing some code. We are a small team, so we do wear many hats. Engage in improving the site's user experience proactively by understanding complex flow and making them simple with the help of research and data, while factoring in business goals. Create modular and scalable UI pattern to aid our developers to quickly roll out new features. Take a leading role on our visual communication front and maintain consistency across the team. Our marketing team loves and appreciate the value of design, so show them some magic.

What you should have

  • At least 4 years of designing and shipping products. Responsive web is our priority
  • The power to design exceptional user interfaces and be able to look at a product in a wider perspective.
  • A good understanding of CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • A good command of English to communicate your solutions well.
  • The ability to get things done whether you’re working autonomously or in a team setting
  • A huge passion for design and travel.

Bonus points if you have experience with...

  • Version control with Git
  • SASS and CoffeeScript
  • MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails
  • Designing for iOS and Android
  • Contributing to the open-source community
  • Have an amazing stash of Gif responses.

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