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Software Developer

This job was posted on Oct 11
That Green Space
Working from remote

That Green Space, is a software development company looking to disrupt the enterprise software industry in Singapore. We believe enterprise software should be as good as consumer software in terms of design and usability. We target traditional industries that are using old and bloated software, and build alternatives that are design centric, easy to use, and more affordable.

Daily Expectations

  • Code Cleaning & Internal Bug Fixes: Fixing broken links, Query Matches, Runtime Errors, Syntax Errors, Calculation Error
  • Examine API Integration and Relational Databases specifically Postgres SQL
  • Design and Development of Unit and Selemium/Functional Tests in Python/Django, Ruby/Rails and HTML/CSS
  • Upkeep of System Setup and Development Practices Wiki on Confluence and Git
  • Review Personal Assigned Task Lists on Asana and Basecamp
  • Participate in discussions with Product and Software Engineering Team on Product Design and System - Architecture

Weekly Expectations

  • Weekly Review of Personal and Team Assigned Tasks
  • Team Lunches


Determined to complete, focused to achieve; flex your geekist organ to simplify the most complex of business processes into clean, logical and structured readable sentences/codes. Persistently pushing the boundaries of excellence through continuous learning at work, before work and after work. Sponge in your surroundings, be open to new experience and always reflective and willing to adapt and change. Your attitude will be the most powerful and important value you bring to the team. Equally important, a fun loving committed team player who understand the priorities of work, movies, comics and partying (alcohol not included).