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Software Engineer, DevOps

This job was posted on Feb 07
Working from remote

We seek the ultimate utility player to join our highly versatile and talented engineering team. The person we want to hire combines strong OO-design and software development skills with Unix commandline-fu and dexterous troubleshooting abilities. To be the right fit for this team, you’re likely learning the latest Python library in your spare time and have probably forked a handful of github projects to tinker with. Description

Variety, visibility, scale, and relevance. If these things motivate you, you belong in Data Ops. We provide the infrastructure to monitor hundreds of big data pipelines and several internal web-services spanning Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Go. We develop tools and libraries used by every big data pipeline developer at Quantcast, and write services to visualize and understand the complex web of software powering the business. Our system is so big we use the scientific method to understand it.

Some stuff we’ve made:

  • a configuration language to describe under what condition to delete files from QFS1
  • Ruby On Rails web service to schedule and monitor the execution of Map-Reduce jobs in our big beefy cluster (think Chronos)
  • extensive python toolchain to perform common operational tasks, automate configuration, and analyze heaping piles of metadata from our production environment
  • Java libraries to standardize common tasks at Quantcast
  • Visualization service to understand the relationships between jobs and datasets and analyze their performance
  • Map-Reduce job to smoketest other Map-Reduce jobs

On any given day you might be coding, or configuring new services, or contributing to design meetings, or desperately reading through someone else’s code to find the bug in a key piece of production software. And we’re always working to automate the work away. In Data Ops, you’re free to choose the development tool for the job and empowered to explore new languages, frameworks, and products in your work. Because we support the things that everyone uses, everyone comes to us when they go wrong. There’s pressure that comes with that responsibility, but most of the time it means you’re here to save the day.

A key responsibility of the job is participation in the on-call rotation to support production pipelines. Our global follow-the-sun on-call schedule ensures that the data always arrives on time, so some of the time you will be on pager duty and diving into big data workflows that are failing unexpectedly, working with development teams or developing patches yourself to get things going again. We strive to continually improve the on-call rotation and make improvements all the time to protect your personal time, as well as having competitive benefits like paid-for home internet and mobile phones to make life a little easier.


  • Write APIs, dashboards, tools, scripts, and libraries in Java, Python, Ruby, and Go to empower developers to build and scale petabyte-scale data workflows
  • Proselytize software development best practices with industry-leading data scientists
  • Render fault-tolerance, monitoring, and alerting tools for various software development projects
  • Troubleshoot production issues with production jobs and tools and be part of a 24/7 on-call rotation Requirements
  • Excellent command of Java, Python, Ruby or Go
  • Familiarity with relational databases (Postgres, MySQL)
  • Well thought out opinions as well as open-mindedness to changing them as you get more information
  • Passion for testing, best practices, automating away manual work
  • Commandline-fu, the ability to bend shell pipelines to your will
  • Firm belief that configuration management is as important as stable software
  • Independent, detail oriented, hard working
  • Interest in impacting design and programming best practice across company using code review, pair programming, beer cart conversations, contests of skill, peer pressure, pavlovian conditioning
  • Versatility and curiosity; the ability to pick up new technologies quickly

About Quantcast

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