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Tech Co-Founder

This job was posted on Oct 08
Working from remote


We are looking for a technical co-founder to spearhead and manage the technical aspects of the business.

Status to date : validated concept, signed up 6 universities and 10 companies as launch partners. Landing page at ; MVP in progress.

Primary responsibilties:

  • code (we are looking for someone who will actually code, not just a manager)

  • add value to technical strategy and daily operations

  • manage technology costs and budget to plan

  • build and manage a technical team for growth

  • develop an overall technology strategy


An ideal tech co-founder would ideally have :

  • a passion for the probem we are trying to solve

  • a passion for solving complex issues with elegant solutions

  • a passion for effecting large scale positive change with technology

  • a passion and past record for building things, both for professional reasons and for the sheer joy of it

  • an understanding of the intersection between business and technology decisions

  • a strong expertise in a specific language; we have a preference for node.JS and Ruby

  • expertise in matching algorithms, data science and basic ML

  • an ability to prioritise, keep things organised and meet deadlines

  • an ability to balance taking the lead on technical decisions but also listening to feedback

  • an ability to recognise their own weakness

  • a sense of humour with the right chemistry with the rest of the team

  • Singapore citizenship / PR

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