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Web Application Developer

This job was posted on Oct 22
Working from remote

Job Description

We are looking for web applications developers for "OpsManager", a new suite of web services that is revolutionizing the way oilfield services companies and their clients manage operational data. The inventory management, field reporting and maintenance management modules are presently used by a launch customer with 250 users across 65 locations around the world. Feedback from the users has been very positive and led to many requests for additional features and modules such as for personnel and equipment planning, quality records and health & safety data.

You'll be working with a code base which is well written, well factored and is covered by a complete set of automated tests (>70% coverage). You'll be expected to continue producing well tested quality code and work with your team to deliver new features. The current technical stack is Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, CoffeeScript and HTML5 technologies with testing done in RSpec and Jasmine.

In the future there may be opportunities for key development staff to participate in OpsManager through stock options.

This full time position is based in Singapore.

Skills & Requirements

Ideally, you'd have been a development engineer on a public web application before and have:

  • Experience with and a love for agile and test driven development methods
  • Previous experience with Pivotal Tracker or a similar system is a plus
  • Ruby on Rails, +TDD with RSpec
  • CoffeeScript, +Backbone, +Knockout, +TDD with Jasmine
  • HAML, CSS etc
  • Git, Heroku, Unix shell
  • Previous experience with TDD is a must
  • Clean, Clear coding practices are your creed
  • Previous experience with pair programming a plus
  • Enthusiasm, and a love of problem solving, that's what we're really looking for.

About OpsManager

OpsManager is an offline-­capable HTML5 web application that intends to become the one­-stop portal for all key operations data for equipment rental and service companies. While the initial focus is the US$670 billion global oilfield services market, this application can also be easily adapted to companies with similar business models in e.g. the mining and other resources sectors.

Managing oilfield service field operations involves manipulating countless data sets and lists that are currently mostly handled via a plethora of spreadsheets, making version control and data mining a very time consuming process. OpsManager simplifies all that via an easy-to-use interface for recording, storing and reporting all key operations data for all personnel levels, from field operator to CEO.

ERP systems claim to cover the entire business process while in effect they are top-down systems that do not come anywhere near to covering the complexities of managing oilfield service operations. OpsManager starts with the premise "operations come first", it is a web portal that provides a clear and easy­ to­ use interface to capture all key operations data “directly from the coalface”, i.e. the people in the field who generate the revenues.

OpsManager is designed from the ground up to comply with international industry standards that govern the management of quality, health, safety and the environment. This simplifies future audits from clients and certifying agents.

Joel Test score: 10 out of 12

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